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The Erotic Adventures: Volume One

Chapter One - "The Shower"
You and your lover wash all 2000 body parts and even discover a couple of new ones.

Chapter Two -
"A Sunny Day"
An afternoon drive takes a very sensual detour.

Chapter Three -
"The Gym"
This workout doesn't require any special equipment.

Chapter Four -
"The Awakening"
Discover what truly is "the best part of waking up."

Chapter Five -
"All Wrung Out"
Alone in a darkenned theater, the stage is set for ecstasy.

Chapter Six -
"Friendly Skies"
The tray table isn't the only thing in an upright position.

Chapter Seven -
"A Walk On The Beach"
A moonlit night, the waves crashing in -- need we say more?

Chapter Eight -
"The Massage"
Her first time getting a rubdown, but definitely not her last.

Chapter Nine -
"Christmas Eve"
In front of the fireplace with the snow falling, you jingle each other's bells.

Chapter Ten -
"A Perfect Passion"
Sometimes the simple pleasures are the most satisfying.

The Erotic Adventures: Volume Two

Chapter One - "The Night Is Young"
The two of you go from the dance to making your own music.

Chapter Two -
"The Handyman"
She's always admired a man who's good with his hands.

Chapter Three -
"Top Floor"
In this elevator, you both press all the right buttons.

Chapter Four -
"Smoldering Embers"
He's a fireman who really gets things heated up."

Chapter Five -
"A Tailored Fit"
This clothing store offers some very personalized service.

Chapter Six -
"Service With A Smile"
Her car breaks down. Fortunately, he has the right tools.

Chapter Seven -
"Drive Time"
An everyday commute turns into the ride of her life.

Chapter Eight -
A real gentleman takes his boots off first.

Chapter Nine -
"Sparks Fly"
Have you ever experienced "lust at first sight?"

Chapter Ten -
"Three Little Words"
They're all she needs to say to send him over the edge.

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